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Our Honeymoon

The air was light and crisp. You took my hand and we walked… up over the cobblestone hillsides and along the windy roads leading back into town. Below us little ships were scattered along the coast, their colorful hulls like marbles tossing gently in the sea. Our wandering feet lead us down back alleys as […]

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Goals & Resolutions for 2015

Happy 2015! Ah! How is it a brand New Year already? This past weekend I was surrounded by so many extraordinary wedding professionals at Bowties & Bubbly before heading to Virginia for the Creative at Heart Conference — And it was the breath of fresh air that I needed to get this year started on the right foot. I’m […]

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Merry Christmas

  Merry Christmas Eve! This may just be my favorite day of the year! As you already know from the Vititus Recipe that I shared on the blog yesterday, my family has a few crazy Lithuanian Traditions that we’ve carried over from our heritage. In addition to Vititus, we celebrate our big family gathering on Christmas Eve […]

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A Crazy Drink Called Virytas

Oh, Friends… Today’s post is a little challenging for me to share because the holidays haven’t been the same since we lost my sweet Mom-Mom four years ago. I keep expecting it to get easier every year, but I still can’t hear Nat King Cole without feeling the giant hole in my chest widening, to painfully vast to fake a […]

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Behind the Scenes 2014

I have been looking forward to this post all year. It’s a little accumulation of photographs that we’ve captured behind the scenes from weddings to workshops and beyond throughout the 2014 Season! With Saturday marking our last wedding of the year, I felt like it was finally time to hit publish on a post that […]

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