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Behind the Scenes – 2013

Every once in a while, when I’m culling through my second shooter’s images… I’ll find a shot that captures a little of what goes on behind the scenes. And this year, I decided to start a little folder on my desktop called “Caught in Action” with the hope that by the end of the year […]

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Envision Workshops - Rehoboth Beach Delaware

Monday Musings – A Dream Discovered at Envision

My heart is so incredibly full. And I realize that my words could not even begin to describe my experience last week in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware at the Envision Workshop. Twelve attendees joined us from as far as Massachusetts to learn about everything from branding, to workflow, to SEO strategies, to posing and so much […]

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Puppy Progress Report | Happy Birthday Hunter!

I’ll never forget the first night we brought  Hunter home. When we rescued our little cuddle bug, he was missing all of the hair around his eyes and had a problematic case of Demodex. He was in need of someone to love him – and that’s exactly what we did! In the spring, we noticed […]

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Good Friends & Steamed Crabs

On Tuesday night, three photographers that I adore made the long drive up from Richmond and Newport News, Virginia to visit for a day of photography brainstorming, working on business strategies and a giant feast on the back porch! This weekend marks the beginning of back to back photography-filled weeks that will carry me into […]

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Monday Musings | Weekend Getaway

After photographing every single weekend since summer started, I was a little excited to see my designated “weekend off” quickly approaching. And quite honestly, Huey may have been looking forward to it even more than I was. Last Thursday, Huey suggested that we go into Washington DC, rent a swanky hotel room, and enjoy a […]

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Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 3.19.31 PM

Monday Musings | Gratitude

I am so very grateful. Looking back on the past few weeks of my life, I truly cannot believe the overwhelming support and love that we have received on our wedding day. I am overwhelmed with gratitude towards all of the Wedding Vendors, friends, and family members who worked tirelessly to make our special day […]

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