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Good Friends & Steamed Crabs

On Tuesday night, three photographers that I adore made the long drive up from Richmond and Newport News, Virginia to visit for a day of photography brainstorming, working on business strategies and a giant feast on the back porch! This weekend marks the beginning of back to back photography-filled weeks that will carry me into […]

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Monday Musings | Weekend Getaway

After photographing every single weekend since summer started, I was a little excited to see my designated “weekend off” quickly approaching. And quite honestly, Huey may have been looking forward to it even more than I was. Last Thursday, Huey suggested that we go into Washington DC, rent a swanky hotel room, and enjoy a […]

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Monday Musings | Gratitude

I am so very grateful. Looking back on the past few weeks of my life, I truly cannot believe the overwhelming support and love that we have received on our wedding day. I am overwhelmed with gratitude towards all of the Wedding Vendors, friends, and family members who worked tirelessly to make our special day […]

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A Letter to my Love | The Day Before Our Wedding

Dear Huey, Seven years ago, I never realized what an incredible journey we were embarking upon together. I never would have believed that the sixteen year old boy with shaggy hair and a goofy smile would grow into the strong, hardworking, and loving man that will be waiting for me at the altar. I never […]

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Monday Musings | Friendships & My First WPPI Experience

Two weeks ago, I traveled to Las Vegas for my very first WPPI experience! I boarded a plane with expectations of learning more technical skills and “geeking out” at the Trade Show… But what I gained the most, were the friendships that I made along the way. I roomed with two amazingly talented photographers and […]

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Celebrating 2013 | Big Changes & Resolutions

I absolutely love the month of January. It’s always full of planning, preparing, looking back on the prior year… all while moving forward! Earlier this week, I met with two of my closest friends Liz and Ryan over New Years Day brunch to chat about our dreams and plans for the coming year. It was […]

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